Sanda Charity

Bringing the community of Sierra Leone together

About Us

  • To foster unity among the whole of Sanda Chiefdoms as well as all Sierra Leoneans.
  • To cater for the welfare of the entire local community by providing practical solutions.
  • For their social, health and economic problems (perceived, felt an nominated).
  • To acquire a registered offices for the Company in Freetown, Sanda Local Towns and Abroad.
  • To develop appropriate links with other bodies/organizations, including Statutory and voluntary Sierra Leone and Abroad.
  • To provide support services to local community, and all Sierra Leoneans in the world.
  • To provide advice and counselling services to both its working members and the general Sierra Leonean public.
  • To provide facilities for young people in the local community to become leaders of tomorrow.
  • To improving schools, supporting teachers, providing library centers.
  • Aims

    1. To help build and improve village schools.
    2. To provide books and furniture for village schools.
    3. To encourage teachers in villages to continue delivering services to village schools.
    4. To support the local community in their needs in terms of health and care that are available to them.
    5. To liaise with the government in delivering their services within the central government and from abroad.

    Contact Info

    Phone: 0044 7956 582 901 London
    Phone: 0044 7528 055 836 London
    Phone: 0031 6843 315 20 Holland

    Support Us

    Sanda Charity runs off good will and donations. Please consider making your contributions.

           No matter how small