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Sanda Charity (SC) is a local initiative and is recognized by the government as a Community Based Organization (CBO). We aim to improve education and employment opportunities for children and young adults in Sierra Leone.

To obtain these goals, SC works together with both national and local governments. By focussing their energy on a community level where actions will benefit peoples’ lives directly, positive changes are made every day!

SC identifies two target groups: youth between the age of 5 - 14 and aged 15 - 35. Each group has distinct educational needs that are required to succeed in life.

In the first group (5-14) SC prioritizes quality Nursery and Primary education. A typical local school exists mostly as a shell, with very few resources such as books, toilets, pens, paper or other learning materials available. Teachers are paid very small salaries and most parents find it very difficult to save money for the school fees and other related expenses, because other more pressing needs such as food, shelter and medicine take up most of a family’s income.

Recently, SC has succeeded in fulfilling all Ministry requirements for the Lakka Primary School to be recognized by the government. This means that the teachers now get paid a fair salary.

For the second group (15-35) the SC prioritizes the obtainment of skills that will allow a youth to apply Primary and Secondary education to life situations. By working together with other Sierra Leonean based CBO's and NGO's as well as local craftsmen, Sanda Charity (SC) provides young and motivated people with hands on training to gain experience and marketable skills.

In the community the SC also serves as an important vocal point for issues concerning education. Together with the establishment of a good relationship with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Education within the government of Sierra Leone, Sanda Charity (SC) hopes to make communities more actively involved in educating their children.

To obtain its goals, SC is depended on the participation of the community in combination with (international) funding through direct aid programmes.

Community ideal

Education is one of the most important ingredients of a healthy society and investing in education through development work is a guaranteed sustainable approach for a better future.


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