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Sierra Leone's education system

The Sierra Leone Red Cross Society, is relating everything it knows about the Ebola virus disease. More than 50 religious leaders from the Inter-religious Council are busy writing down everything they say. There are some questions such as “who should we call if we suspect a case?” An imam sitting next to a priest decide to pray together on the radio, to share the news on air. “The Red Cross was the first who invited us, telling us everything about this disease and for this we are very thankful,” says Mr. Tannel, the vice chairman of the Inter-religious Council of Kailahun district.

A silent killer

Many people have seen the film Outbreak. Yes, there are some bleedings, but no you have not seen a body or a patient exploding, losing 20 litres of blood. This is one of the urban legends – one of many you can and do find there to explain why Sierra Leone was infected by Ebola: witchcraft, people who just give you injections, God-given, etc.

Ebola is a virus which can be caught by eating so called bush meat (fruit bats, monkeys) and, this makes it worse, it can be transmitted directly via body fluids.

There is a lack of knowledge associated with the disease; how you can get Ebola, what to do and how to be treated. People are afraid. Being afraid causes mistrust, and this what we have to face.

Our assistance starts with the volunteers. If they do not know how to face this illness how can they help other people? So, we start to train and work together with Sierra Leone Red Cross Society.

All together, we hope to prevent people from getting ill. Helping the poorest under the sign of the Red Cross.

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