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Our starting point

It is on record that more than 57 million children around the world do not go to primary school. A further 250 million children cannot read or count, even if they have spent four years in school.

As a basic right, every child should have the chance to go to school. But it’s not just about getting them into the classroom. It’s also about making sure they are well taught and that what they learn actually improves their opportunities in life.

Without a good education, they will be less likely to get a job and look after their families in the future. With fewer people in work and more people in need of support, they will struggle to prosper, holding their own countries back and ultimately the global economy.

High quality education can change this, helping to transform countries for the benefit of us all. Quality education helps citizens work together to create strong, open institutions and societies. An extra year of good schooling lifts a country’s yearly economic growth by 1%, making poor countries richer and, in the long run, less in need of foreign aid – and more able to trade.

    Education in Sierra Leone is legally required for all children for six years at primary level and three years in junior secondary education, but a shortage of schools and teachers has made implementation impossible.

Education for the Future

Children face many barriers in accessing education in Sierra Leone. In their new classrooms, these young students are excelling in their studies. More »

Community Programs

Community education & development programs to promote learning and social development using a range of formal and informal methods.  More »

Prototype Child-Friendly School

Developing a new prototype for schools in Sierra Leone which will create a safe and child friendly education environment for thousands of children for years to come. More »

Mission Statement

The main purpose of this organisation is to cater, develop, and facilitate the development and improvement of village’s schools as well as the wellbeing of the poorer local living community to improve the futures of the younger leaders of tomorrow. This also to cater for the effected people, displace people during the previous conflicts wars in Sierra Leone by providing support and providing cloths, food and many other things. Aims.
  • To help build and improve village schools.
  • To provide books and furniture for village schools.
  • To encourage teachers in villages to continue delivering services to village schools.
  • To support the local community in their needs in terms of health and care that are available to them.
  • To liaise with the government in delivering their services within the central government and from abroad.

Communities to halt the Ebola outbreak

The Sierra Leone Red Cross Society, is relating everything it knows about the Ebola virus disease. More than 50 religious leaders from the Inter-religious Council are busy writing down everything they say. Continue Reading »

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